Who Needs the SBC?

15 Jul

We quibble over everything!  We argue over differing doctrines!  We are constantly offended because others who disagree with what we believe!  Who needs all this distraction?  Let’s ask frankly, “Who needs the SBC?” (Southern Baptist Convention)  Could we not separate?  … Read More »

VBS Day Five

24 Jun

Wow! It’s Sunday.  VBS is almost over.  We have family night in just over 2 hours but I’ve had a day to rest and recuperate.  It was much needed and more is still in my future. This VBS has been … Read More »

VBS Day Four

22 Jun

Or is it day five. I can’t remember…no its day five. It was a Grrrreat day to quote Tony the Tiger.  We went through the plan of salvation Wednesday and had a good prospect and one salvation.  This is why … Read More »