Who Needs the SBC?

15 Jul

We quibble over everything!  We argue over differing doctrines!  We are constantly offended because others who disagree with what we believe!  Who needs all this distraction?  Let’s ask frankly, “Who needs the SBC?” (Southern Baptist Convention)  Could we not separate?  We could be like Texas!  But I say, “NO!”  Who needs the SBC?  We do!

The truth is we need each other.  Doctrinal differences and arguments have always been part of  our history and we have overcome them all.  Today what we are dealing with is an absence of spiritual knowledge among our SBC members.  Paul states, “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires,” (2 Timothy 4:3).

In the church we deal with members who are doctrinally ignorant, scripturally seeking but unfulfilled so they seek out teachers, preachers and churches who strike out to different doctrinal truths but still leave the people empty and without hope.  The only hope they have is Jesus Christ of the Scriptures.  And if they are not taught Biblical doctrines then they will fall for any doctrine that seems to make sense to them.

Now more than each other the SBC needs to seek unity.  Do we need the SBC – you betcha.  These members we deal with in the church are messengers to our Association, State Convention and National Convention.  As we have seen all it takes is a majority who with little knowledge of the ramifications nor of how the SBC operates vote for change and a new direction.  Now the levee begins to fail and the flooding seeps into and devastates our convention.

I honestly believe something that I heard an associational speaker say.  He said, “Together we accomplish more!”.  I have adopted this as my personal goal and motto.  I put it somewhere into our slideshow of our weekly worship service.  I promote it.  I live it.  We can do more together.  So now more than ever we need each other.

I was in Houston for our national convention.  I did not support nor vote for our current president.  But once he was elected I immediately knew that I would support him.  Will we change?  I believe so.  But based on what I know of him I cannot say that the change will be detrimental.  In some ways we need to change!

  • We need to reach the lost for Christ regardless of things that divide us.
  • We need to reach the lost of all age groups.  I admit that as I get older (I’m 62 now) it is harder to reach the younger group of adults.  But God has called those who can and I will support them as long as I breathe.
  • We need to disciple our members so that they understand our doctrines, principles and Baptist Faith and Message.  I mentioned that to a lady just the other day and she asked, “What is that?”  I felt ashamed.
  • We need, to reach the heart of this post, work together to accomplish the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

And we can do all these only if we work together.  Do we need the SBC?  Absolutely “Yes”!  Together we accomplish more.  With all the bad that is in our convention I believe the future possibilities overwhelmingly speak to the mighty works of God that can be done if we can find unity and let the love of Christ lead us.

Sometimes the things we disagree on are inconsequential in the times we live in.  Unless there are doctrinal, Biblical issues to work through perhaps we need to agree to disagree and move on, working together to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.  The picture above this post is a picture I took of New Orleans.  This is just one city and thousands like it, large and small, who need Christ.  We need to rise above ourselves and rise to the challenge of sharing the Gospel with the lost throughout the world.