VBS Day One

19 Jun

Monday’s Report

What a great day we had.  There were 70 students and 39 adults giving us a total of 109 total attending Day One of Vacation Bible School.

Our Director of Missions, Dr. David Carlton joined us for our first class then he and I went into my office just to talk.  We had an encouraging visit and ended in prayer with Bro. John, Bro. David and myself.  I needed this time that’s for sure.

I’m excited for Day Two.  Ms. Janice was asleep before the sun went down and I joined her shortly after so I know they were worn our.  I did get the opportunity to go into game time with the 1st & 2nd Grade class and talked with every one of them and before they left we went over the Bible story again.  They were listening in the Opening Ceremony.

Today during our prayer time I want to encourage our adults to spend time with each child and talk to them about the Bible Story and build a relationship with them.  Just love them.  They will respond.  Share the love of Christ in all you/we do.