I have been in the pastoral ministry since 1989 and am originally from Phenix City, AL.  I have pastored in Bascom, FL., Phenix City, AL., and am currently serving in New Iberia, LA.  I am married to Janice Ryals Downs and we have been married since 1976.  We have two children, a son, Jonathan, and a daughter, Jennifer.  We have nine grandchildren.

My greatest joy is serving the Lord.  I am both honored and humbled by this challenge.  I welcome you to this blog and hope that it will be an encouragement and a blessing in your life.

I am writing this weekly blog to help believers “Learn to Live” the believer’s lifestyle.  With so many different denominations and each teaching different applications of faith I believe there are basic Biblical truths contained in God’s Word which can be used to help us live as Christ would have us to.

In the pastorate since 1989. I have several concerns about believers.  One is the basic lack of knowledge of the stories of the Bible which teach us so many truths of the Bible.  Lacking a basic knowledge of these stories and truths very well may hinder the believer in applying these truths to our lives.

Another concern I have is the fact that many in the church do not understand the basic Biblical principles by which they must live to be pleasing to God.  This lack of understanding will hinder the believer’s daily walk when they are faced with choices of disobedience.  Every action is a choice and without applying God’s Word to our lives we often make the wrong choice and sin.

With all this on my heart I am writing “Learning to Live.”  This will be a weekly blog located at  My purpose is to teach the stories of the Bible to help the reader “Learn to Live” according to God’s Word.  My method will be:

  • Basic – to make the stories easy to understand and to challenge the reader to search for deeper truths in God’s Word.
  • Educational – to teach basic Bible truths and to help the reader apply these truths to their life.
  • Theological – to teach Biblical principles and to help the reader live by these truths.

I hope you will join me as we explore the Bible together.  Someone correctly said that the Bible is easy to understand.  So easy in fact that the common man can understand it.  Yet it’s truths are so deep to confound the deepest thinker.  I am excited to teach stories and am overwhelmed at God’s grace which equips me to do so.

Your humble servant in Christ,

Bro. Ed


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