About Us

First Baptist Church of New Iberia, LA

210 E. St. Peter Street, New Iberia, LA  70560

(337) 369-3893 Office

(337) 369-3807 FAX

e-mail secretary – karen@fbcni.net

e-mail Pastor – bro.ed@fbcni.net


With everything there must be rules and regulations.  Here they are:

  1. Feel free to visit the site at any time.  However, you must register (Using your real name) to be able to make comments.
  2. New posts will be uploaded weekly.
  3. No cursing, no abusive language, no insulting or anyone on this blog.  First offense will result in your being banned.  No questions asked.  No appeals.
  4. This blog is moderated.  I reserve the right to reject any comment or response.  However, you may make a comment even if you respectfully disagree.
  5. Feel free to post comments and ask questions.  Asking questions helps everyone learn.
  6. This blog is for, as the title states, “Learning to Live.”  Feel free to discuss issues you have regarding “Learning to Live” for Christ.
  7. Please keep the comments on track.  Comments made that do not concern itself with the current post will be deleted.
  8. Uploads will not be permitted.
  9. External links will not be permitted.  I do not care what you say that others say.  I do however want to hear what you say.
  10. Do not plagarize.  Make your comments your own.
  11. You are free to copy and use any materials from this blog but must reference its use.

Bro. Ed

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